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UPDATE! Proposals for a new multi-million Learning Campus in Pembroke were unanimously approved this week.
CLICK HERE for Pembroke Dock Observer article.

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The All Years Reunion held on 3rd May 2014 at the Cleddau Bridge Hotel was a brilliant success!

We have almost 100 of David John's wonderful quality photos up in the PHOTOS section under the Reunion 2014 section. The large roster poster of your mini-me's has also been moved there as a pdf link.

So if you are feeling nostalgic about your Pembroke (Dock) Grammar School days, interested in contacting your former school friends or are just amused by the old Photos, then this is the place for you!

Memories and featured News items about past pupils and teachers
, including the late Islwyn Griffiths and Roland Mathias among many others. Don't forget to keep up with social items as well. There's always something new, so check often at the bottom of the page for new content.

Author, broadcaster and past pupil, Phil Carradice has written an engaging article on the History of Pembroke Grammar School from its inception exclusively for The Penvro!

We have already assembed a digital archive of a vast number of the original past issues of "The Penvro" magazine. These are available to download and you are also able to easily search the pdfs as well for that special mention!

Our goal is to reach as many "Penvrovians" as possible with our presence online and will be delighted to have you join with us- no matter where you are in the world. Visit often and watch us grow-- go on you know you want to!

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Islwyn at PGSIslwyn in 2010
Islwyn Griffiths 1920 - 2013
It was with the greatest sadness that we announced the passing of Islwyn Griffiths. He died peacefully with his family at his bedside on 6 October 2013 after a period of failing health. We are deeply indebted to Islwyn for his mentoring, support and enthusiasm which he gave generously so that this website could come to life back in 2009. He will be greatly missed, fondly remembered and never forgotten.

Graham Phillips has published an extensive obituary in The Guardian newspaper which you can CLICK HERE to read.

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Friends Reunited is a free, user friendly way to find past pupils. There are several school "aliases", eg Bush Grammar, so look at each. View by year or name search. You can securely send & receive messages. We successfully used it for the All Years Reunion- it's worth a go!
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Pembroke Dock a Bicentennial Look Back is Phil Caradice's and Roger McCullum's new book, released just in time for the Dockyard Celebrations! CLICK HERE to read all about it in the Pembroke & Pembroke Dock Observer. CLICK HERE for the link to Amazon.co.uk for purchase information. You can also purchase from the Sunderland Trust website in their books section (scroll down on that page). See below for link.

Pictured: Phil and Roger at a signing session at the Pembroke Dock Sunderland Glass House Café
. Visit the Sunderland Trust website! CLICK HERE
Sunderland Book Signing

Royal Navy Day by Day is authored by former pupil Lawrence Phillips. He served for 35 years with the M.o.D at home and abroad, specialising in Public Relations and Information, becoming one of our leading naval historians. He has produced this splendid reference book, covering our maritime history over the past 500 years.

Pembroke Dockyard and the Old Navy
is also authored by former pupil Lawrence Phillips. The book is wonderfully illustrated in both colour and monochrome, with many of the pictures never seen before. Many of we former pupils will have had ancestors who worked in the Dockyard, or sailed on the ships that were built there. This book gives a most valuable insight into the history of the Dockyard, the ships and the workforce, comprehensively filling a gap in our knowledge.

The Ships of Pembroke Dockyard
is Phil Carradice's latest book now on sale and a great Christmas gift. This book fills a yawning gap in our knowledge of the history of Pembroke Dock – the town built to build ships as he once called it. Lists of the ships built and their specifications have been published before – notably by another ‘old boy’ of our school, David James - in his “Down the Slipway” but never has there been a book which concentrates on what happened to those ships after they slid into the waters of the Haven. Phil never disappoints with his in depth research and love of local lore.

The History of Pembroke Dock
In 1904, Mrs Stuart Peters won the Pembroke Dock Eisteddfod essay competition with an extended essay on The History of Pembroke Dock. Such was the quality of this piece of work, that she was persuaded to publish it – the book being published in 1905. The Bicentenary Committee decided it would be fitting for the book to be reprinted to coincide with the bicentenary of the Town next year and a reprint of the original has just been published and available directly from the Committee. For anyone who has their roots in Pembroke Dock, for family historians, local historians, naval or military historians this book is a wonderful reference. Thoroughly recommended.

CLICK HERE for more information about the above new books!

And don't forget to view all our other PGS past pupils's books by following the links at the bottom of the Past Pupil News pages.... ALL OUR PENVRO AUTHORS' BOOKS MAKE GREAT GIFTS!

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